Wednesday, January 31, 2024


Making me happy these days:

Balmy Texas weather on this January 31.

A trip to the library to get another book by Ann Patchett. She is a great story teller and writes page-turners. Looking forward to a light read this evening.

I broke a nail yesterday and Ruby repaired it this afternoon. She is practicing dip powder (IYKYK) and she did a great job. I’m still about two weeks out from a manicure, which is pretty much my only beauty vanity thing.

Driving a yellow Fit is just really fun. Especially when there are others around. We try to park near one another. Family, you know. This was at the library. So far, the six or so yellow Fit drivers that I’ve met in the last two years are as crazy as I am about having a yellow car.

I m using my personal method on the latest puzzle, a 2000-piecer that was a Christmas gift. I also read that snapping those pieces together gives you a little hit of dopamine. So that’s an added benefit. This one is about 30 x 40" so I had to build out my puzzle table with a big piece of foam core.

And you? What’s making you happy these days?

I love to hear about it. Especially if there are pix.

Keep going.




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