Thursday, January 25, 2024


Making me happy these days:

Went to DPS (Department of Public Safety) yesterday to get my license renewed, . . . and I bet you didn’t expect that opening sentence for Five Things, did you?

I got my same day appointment using my guaranteed 715 am special instruction for 230 pm. South Dallas. 30 minutes or so of freeway driving. Their systems and mine are well oiled.

First off, identical twins about 80 or so, walking across the waiting room. Same gait, similar clothing, clearly twinning 180 degrees across my vision. I thought it was sweet that they had come to DPS together to get their business done. Probably the same business as mine. Wish I had a pic to show you.

Regarding my license: Turns out, I don’t need to renew until 2026. My interpretation of the state regs plus months of making and cancelling appointments plus various conversations at DPS (this is trip #9 in the last year or so including getting licenses for two grandkids) — inaccurate. I am now an expert on renewals when you’re 80 or over. Ask me.

Eloise, my new/old cat is settling in nicely and has learned to use the kitchen stool/ladder to reach the top of the cat tree to reach the perfect perch/street lookout/nap place. She’s an agile blunderbuss, so using the ladder is good. Very good.

You? It’s not even 6 o’clock yet. I’m up and at ’em. Ruby is asleep in my bed upstairs. I’m starting a new puzzle today, a 2000-piecer gift from Ruby. And you-know-who is in her place and all is right with the world.

I’d love to hear what’s making you happy these days. Pictures welcome.

Keep going.




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