Thursday, December 7, 2023


Keeping me happy lately:

My Holiday decorations fit into two boxes about the size of banker boxes. I cracked them open this morning and set out a dozen things, including quite a collection of wreaths I’ve gathered over the years. I had one for every door a few houses ago. They are fun and soaked with memories.

It’s raining leaves in Plano this morning. The stiff wind is blowing the leaves quite a few houses away from the trees. All those guys who raked their treeless yards are going to be surprised when they come home from work today.

My #HolidaySale2023 is going this morning, for the next ten or twelve days. No telling what else you will find at that hashtag. My things plus some things from other small business people, I’m thinking.

My front porch plants, now in my front room, are loving their grow lights. The Christmas cactus is just doing its usual in the kitchen.

Max and I are planning a shopping trip today. It will probably be my only seasonal foray into a few off the beaten path stores. Not so crazy about big box shopping this month.

And I’m planning my annual safari to Lucky Dog Books where I have hundreds of dollars in rewards. I treat a teacher friend to a shopping trip for their school library (or some variation). This year I think the kids are going to come too. How fun is that??

Pretty darn good start for a Thursday of a busy week.

You? What’s keeping you happy these days? I love to hear.

Keep going.




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