Sunday, July 17, 2022


Five things that made me happy today:

1. My keyboard skills have returned about 95%, even with one slightly gimpy finger slowing me down a bit.

2. Driving behind a spanking new bright red corvette with temp plates, moving very very slowly across Mockingbird off the Toll Road. I’m not kidding about slow. I could have walked beside him.

3. Church always. We thanked Jean Ann Powers, celebrating her tenth anniversary with First Unitarian. Much loved, super impactful addition to the staff as Director of Pastoral Care. She’s a gift.

4. Made a little start on a little art today. Sometimes it’s just good to get my hands in it.

5. Packed Ruby’s supplements and a few surprises in an old first aid kit with a zipper all around. They all leave in a few days.

And you? I’d love to hear what made you happy today!

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This will be the home of 5 Things That Made Me Happy Today. Soon that will be the title. Starting with just a few entries.