Five things that made me happy today:

1. Red Rabbit is back in the yard. I’ve seen him a few times now and I think he’s immature, so he would be the generation after the original Red Rabbit. Eating the milo that has fallen to the ground and the miscellaneous green stuff growing in the patio paver cracks.

2. Two teenage girl cousins are going for a mani/pedi together on Saturday. Initited by the older one. Pretty cool. To my knowledge, it’s the first such date between the two of them. Ruby is excited.

3. Max gently corrected my pronouns when asking him about one of his teachers. I can’t even tell you how super cool I thought that was. And about twenty more points for the non-judgmental wording.

4 I’m installing Brag Boards for each of the gkids in the dining room in the next couple of days. I’ll get the materials tomorrow — a black dry marker board for each of them with chalk markers. They each have something to brag about almost every day. It’ll be good for everyone to stay present to their good job. Going back to school after eighteen months is really hard work for everyone.

5. Got out my power tools and repaired a little key/purse rack that I’ve kept inside the kitchen/garage door for 15 or 20 years. The screws had pulled out of the dry wall so I reset some longer screws plus anchors. Such a grown up I am.

PS. This is an amazing tool brand. I haven’t used it in several months and the battery is still fully charged. A gift from my son. He knows what I like.

I’d love to hear what made you happy today. There’s a world of choices.

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