Saturday, April 1, 2023


Things that are making me happy lately:

A Ladysmith Black Mambazo concert with tickets from a friend. Wowzer. Someone else posted it’s the happiest concert they’ve ever seen and I think I might agree. At the beautiful Myerson and front row of the orchestra terrace — the little balcony that runs all the way around the floor. Couldn’t be much better.

Some gorgeous weather — a little windy, but it’s spring.

Max and I toured a technical school in Irving and it made both of us freakishly happy. It wasn’t really the school we were looking for but it was completely intriguing and launched us into a conversation about a totally different future than we had been imagining. So it was a totally happy event. More to come.

The other branch of the family is involved in end-of-season sports this weekend and I’ll be watching a lacrosse game tomorrow. My knowledge of the sport is sparse so I hope I’m sitting next to my son who gives a great play-by-play.

Tonight I am finishing the last of that roast chicken from Market Street and it is still delicious and I’m not tired of it yet. This is meal #4 or #5. A lot for $9.

Max and Mañin Soto planted my baby magnolia tree this afternoon. It was from Plano’s tree giveaway — replacing trees that were killed in the winter storm a couple of years ago. I’d been saving it for my new house but since we’ve delayed, I wanted to get it in the ground here.

Max did a walk about in my back yard, identifying all the trees that Mother Nature has planted back there. Plus a couple that are my own handiwork. Even the pencil sized redbuds from a high school fundraiser are thriving.

Some new and excellent reading came in the mail today and that’s where I’m retiring to in a few minutes.

And you? What’s making you happy these days? I love to hear about it. Always.

Keep going.




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