Revisit September 10, 2020


1. We had a student body meeting this morning at the kitchen table to talk about our options for this school year. It was the first such meeting that I have called. Very successful, if I say so.

2. Chilly, rainy day. I went out and forgot to take a jacket. Brrrr.

3. Met a friend at Starbucks for more art materials! Big pieces of the paper mache stuff. I’m sure there is a proper term for it. Yum. Can’t wait.

4. I tested out my new Prairie-Maker tool on the wildlife sanctuary. Wow! Works great. I quit because the grass was too wet but it did a good job and is super easy and light weight. I’ll report back when I’m done back there.

5. After the student body meeting, Ruby and I cooked amazing breakfast burrito-ish things — eggs, bacon, sausage, avocado, tomatoes, cheese, potatoes. Ruby had hers on an English muffin. Max just had his straight up. I figure anyone who can scramble eggs with whatever’s handy can check off the Cook? box on the adulting list.

And you? I’d love to hear your happy things.

Keep going.




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MarySue Foster/5 things that made me happy

This will be the home of 5 Things That Made Me Happy Today. Soon that will be the title. Starting with just a few entries.