Revisit April 27, 2019

5 things that made me happy today:

1. Early morning soccer game with the Rubes. Pretty lackadaisical performance and a big loss. One and done for the tournament. But a beautiful day for sitting outdoors.

2. At Kroger, I parked my grocery cart on the produce aisle and went in for lemons. When I turned around it was gone and a woman was pushing it away. It took me several steps to catch up with her. Very silly exchange. Then she came back to lift her lemons out of my cart. Still more silliness.

3. Cracked into a new space about future plans yesterday. Too early to share — just a good place to be.

4. Had the rest of that lemon from yesterday in my drink. Wow!

5. Today was the equivalent of a “top down” day, driving around in my 10 year old Honda Fit with all the windows down. It just doesn’t take a lot to make me happy!

I am enjoying the heck out of a beautiful and mild Texas spring weekend. And you?

Keep going.