Five things that made me happy today:

1. Taking THREE boxes of pumpkin spice mini-cones to a grandson. He is 15 today. My Trader Joe’s insider (Donnie Freeman) alerted me during the week or two that TJ’s carries them this year. Wyatt loves pumpkin anything.

2. A visit to North Haven Gardens, probably my favorite garden shop. I bought some houseplants for my kitchen window. Visiting their place reminds me of the Dallas tornado, two years ago, and also being a young adult furnishing my first house.

3. Thanks for plant suggestions this week. I bought a chartreuse pothos, a jade plant, a colorful croton, and another philodendron that starts out red and fades to chartreuse. Some color and greenery for my kitchen/office space.

4. Some puzzle time.

5. And, some quiet reading this evening.

It all adds up to a super pleasant day. I’d love to hear what made you happy today.

Keep going.


This will be the home of 5 Things That Made Me Happy Today. Soon that will be the title. Starting with just a few entries.