Friday, December 29, 2023


Making me happy:

A field trip with Tiffany Bednar and pals and Ruby to Lucky Dog Books-Casa Linda, one of my favorite used book stores. I treated them to a big basket of books — I’ve saved up quite the discount dollars there. Then we grabbed lunch at @Keller’s Burgers, right down Garland road. Fast food cooked PERFECTLY to order. And a last stop at Sunset Bay for pelicans and coots. And there were dozens and dozens of cormorants.

I did buy a 1000 piece puzzle in an open box for $3. ($1.50 with my discount.) We’ll see. It looks like fun.

I do miss that neighborhood!

My whirlygig is whirling away. It’s mesmerizing. I’ll move it in to the shrubbery this weekend so my neighbor can mow the yard without a detour.

This is day #9 out of school. About ten to go. It’s an odd time out. Relaxing but I keep thinking there’s something I should be doing!!

And you?

I’d love to hear how you’re spending this odd, take-a-breath season.

Keep going.




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