February 9, 2021

Five things that made me happy today:

1. I dropped my winter (leopard) coat on the table and turned it a little bit inside out. The cat found the black lining and settled down, ignoring the soft outside. All cats know black.

2. Two crows came this morning to roust me out for peanuts. The main guy is about twice as big as the other one. Easy to see the size differential when they’re standing next to each other. Don’t know if it’s age or gender or something else.

3. I rearranged enough stuff in the garage to pull both cars in for the night. They’re quite cozy and it’s a little bit funny to see two Honda Fits in there! Also interesting to see the evolution of 9 years of Honda design.

4. Just measured the gas mileage on Bananas Foster and she gets 33 mpg just tooling around town and about 200 miles on the highway. Pretty nifty little car. And it’s yellow. Makes me happy.

5. Had my first Honda showing with the Silver Lady. We met at Corner Bakery. I ducked inside to wait for them to test drive the car and the bakery guy gave me a muffin. That was a nice surprise!

I’d love to hear what made you happy — any day, including today!

Keep going.