Five things that made me happy today:

1. My favorite nail lady has returned to the shop after more than a year of family needs. So glad to see her again. We had a wonderful backup for a year and she also came by the station to say hello. If there’s something better than a really good nail lady, it’s two of them.

Right after Kim Loehr Soto was hospitalized in February 2019, Ann gave my tip to her back to me and insisted I get something Kim would like in her hospital room. They never met but Ann is still asking after Kim’s children.

2. Bought a really tasty chicken breast at the Tom Thumb next door. It made a yummy dinner. And smelled up the car on the drive home!

3. My ex-ex and I had a good meeting about the grandkids’ education. We promised each other love and support forever 56 years ago and we’ve been divorced for a long time but the promises continue. Doesn’t always look pretty, but we hang in there.Hang on to the folks who have your back.

4. Mr Mockingbird sang off and on all morning. I moved my work into the front room to hear better. They’re still making a racket paving the alley, so no real chances to catch a good recording, but he serenaded the elusive Ms Mockingbird for two or three hours.

5. Ruby called me in for challenge with her gods and goddesses project. Imagine building a carousel from kits to fit your mental picture. That’s about the scope of her project. So many parts. I’m going back over tonight to see what’s cooking.

I’d love to hear about what made you happy today — or any day.

Keep going.


This will be the home of 5 Things That Made Me Happy Today. Soon that will be the title. Starting with just a few entries.