Five things that made me happy today:

1. Partnership Explorations.

2. Mr Texas Anole amused me again today, racing along the top of my fence as I sat in my class. I think it was the same one, but it could have been more than one.

3. A wonderful family dinner at Eric Loehr and Amy Broach Loehr’s beautiful home. They are really good hosts

4. All grandkids present. The six are eleven to eighteen and they’re good friends to one another. Yay for cousins!

5. I got a giant pot of hydrangeas. Where to put it?

Your turn. What made you happy today??

Keep going.


Five this that made me happy today:

1. A semi-lazy Saturday.

2. Very fine weather. Dropped by on a friend working in her shady back yard in the warmest part of the afternoon and it was absolutely balmy. I love this weather.

3. My Saturday morning on-line class is always good for a stimulating conversation. This Saturday included.

4. Max got his new native plants from the Heard Natural Science Museum & Wildlife Sanctuary plant sale in the ground already. The sale continues tomorrow.

5. Looking for a good movie for tonight. My brain is idling slowly this evening, so I may opt for one of my books after my neighborhood walk.

Your turn! What made you happy today?

Keep going.


MarySue Foster/5 things that made me happy

MarySue Foster/5 things that made me happy

This will be the home of 5 Things That Made Me Happy Today. Soon that will be the title. Starting with just a few entries.